Advantages of membership

.Receiving the membership card.

.Mebership in the association’s official website.

.Recieving the services on evaluation, consultation, education and researches pertinent to business ethics and social responsibilities of the economical agencies.

.Recieving discounts on participation in meetings, festivals and other events held by the association.

. Supporting the members or their delegates dispatch to the pertinent conferences, regarding the association main interests internally or internationally.

.Providing administrative and intellectual support for the member’s confrontation in sovereignty bodies.

.Introducing the eminent members under the title of business ethics and social responsibilities pioneers at annual events.

.Provision the partnership of the members in managing the association through membership in professional commissions or candidacy in the board of the managers.

.Providing the services which help to empowering the actual, legal and organizational members in the field of business ethics and deployment the social responsibility mechanism.