Membership in the association varies in 4 following group:

۱.Actual person

People who have technical knowledge and practical experience and facilities to expand ethics and provide business morality, approving articles of association and defined values in the association can covert to an actual member and join the association.

۲.Legal members

Internal registered organizations and official agencies and Iranian organizations and agencies which admit the articles and defined principles in the association.

۳.Actual members

Iranian and foreign actual people which are reputed in business ethics and have outstanding scientific and practical experience or helped serving the association’s mission., are granted the honorary membership, based on the suggestion of one of members of board of the directors.

۴.Actual people

Are those who have members themselves, such as trade chambers, manageress formation, associations, gilds, trade syndicate and sudo organizations which admit articles of association, the ordinance leadership statement and the associations regulation orally and written.