The creed

-We as the members of the business association and Iranian social responsibility, have set the following creed to lead our thoughts, words and deeds in the field of business, following the divine doctrines, humane belief and ethical learnings in Iran and overseas and we are doing our best to follow them.

-Goodwill, honesty, courtliness and modesty, justice, sincerity and trust, cheerfulness, patience, being flexible to criticism, devotion to the promises and being reliable, punctuality, quality oriented, safety and security, maintenance the environment, perfectionism, collaboration, creativity and innovation, learning and teaching are the aspects of our morality and we feel the necessity to follow them to improve the business environment.

-Respecting the fundamental values of the association is upon us and we try to evaluate our adaptations to these values. We do our best to deliver them in the business environment and we will not stop till the succession of the goals.

-we respect the pertinent international conventions and national regulations, national and international standards. We have admitted their necessities by founding and managing strategical standards, common practices and facilitating them in the field of business industry.

-We obey the articles and approved regulations, believing being loyal and having the sense of belonging to the association is a good policy in strengthening the association stand in the society as a platform for fortifying the thoughts and synergy of the efforts. We consider every member of the society in any state and responsibility as a part of the association’s great body while holding a decent collaboration with them. We follow the ethical principles partnership and respecting the rights of others, we try to share our knowledge and findings and having a fair attitude accompanied with respect is considered notably. We as a member of the association commit to keep working to harmonize improving and developing the members credential.

-We believe developing the business ethics and social responsibility in organization bodies, especially economical ones will serve the national benefits and consider ourselves commissioned to deploy and internalize organizational business ethics and social responsibility.

Approved in the fifth session of the board of the directors.