Membership condition

۱.Applicants written request (except honorary members).

۲.Payment for the admission and the annual membership payment. (except for the honorary members).

۳.Having a rich reputation and lack of infame.

۴.Providing a written approval on the article of association.

۵.Admitting the conditions which are defined by this statute, the public sessions or board of the directors.

Each member (organizational, legal and actual) will pay the membership fee, which is defined in general meetings.

This amount will be beside the sum each member has to pay on his membership. The amount is also defined by the general meetings.


Note 1: Extending the membership depends on the permanence of above mentioned conditions and the committee’s declaration.

Note2: paying the membership will not lead to any right or claim upon the assets of the association.

Note3: Honorary members are exempted of the membership fee.

Note4: The membership will terminate on any of the following conditions and under the approval of the

board of the directors.


۱.A written resignation of the members.

۲.Nonpayment of the annual membership, in spite of the receipt of two written notices.

۳.If any actual member passes away or at liquidation of organization and legal members.

۴.Disobiedience of the articles of association creed and the rules of the association by the members.

۵.Upon the receipt a document by the competent legal sources and the courts on the incompetency of membership for any members.