The mission

Elevating the business ethics, social responsibility in economical agencies and strategies to fulfill them in services and industry and solidating them, in favor of helping social, economic, scientific and technology development in industrial services, economical organizations, non-beneficial NGOs and penetrating the world markets.

How to achieve the goals?

B-1) Performing the researches on business ethics, social responsibilities in economical agencies active in industrial services internally and internationally.

B-2) Collaborating with executive scientific, research and service organizations such as active internal and international organizations in compilation, classification or utilization the business ethics and social responsibilities in economical agencies.

B-3) Encouraging the intellects, researchers and managers of service and producing organization and other non-beneficial organizations to elevate business ethics and social responsibility in economical agencies.

B-4) Providing elevation, consultation and educational research services pertinent to business ethics and social responsibility of economical agencies.

B-5) Holding events on business ethics and social responsibility in the national regional and international rank and detaching delegates to sudo conferences internally and international.

B-6) Collecting books and journals to form data bases including the latest standards and accomplishment on scientific economic, cultural and international fields in business ethics and social responsibility, giving the access to keen users.

B-7) Supporting the business ethics and social responsibility principles in the society and tracking the conflicting issues in this field, through legal sources.

B-8) Holding a constructive connection with mass media, producing educational films and publishing scientific and advertising books and journals in the field of business ethics and social responsibility in economic agencies.

B-9) Holding national rewards on business ethics and being socially responsible in business agencies, coordinating pertinent organizations.

B-10) Preparing principles and values in different groups in the form of written undertaken agreement and ethical conventions internally and internationally for agencies and economical organizations and activists.

B-11) Creating a framework for monitoring the activities of agencies and economical organizations and activists which are committed to ethical agreements and conventions.